“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world...” - Albert Einstein

early on...

I fell in love with writing in 7th grade English class. By the time high school rolled around, I began to write ads about imaginary products like suntan lotion with varying SPF dials, and Eden-esque vacation destinations in far-off places. I keep these hand-drawn renderings, now frayed and yellow, tucked inside a writing desk to remind me of two things: how fortunate I am to have found my calling early on; and the importance of a rich imagination at any age...

The Shift

I worked as a reporter before ultimately landing roles at various ad agencies on the account services side of the business. By the time I made the full-time shift to copywriting in 2004, I had a decade of experience collaborating with clients, art directors, merchandisers, vendors, and executives. From picking up visual cues that elevate brand messaging to creating persuasive online content using nuanced emotional triggers, I received a well-rounded education by working closely with branding specialists and savvy e-tailers. The result is copy that fuses the storytelling aspects of journalism with the know-how of a seasoned marketer.

In my experience working both in-house and at agencies, I’ve used my words and ideas to promote products and services in all types of industries — including interior design, education, e-commerce, fashion, beauty, health, real estate, and packaged goods. I’ve written taglines, brochures, web content, catalog copy, ads, product packaging, email and social campaigns, advertorials, newsletters, product descriptions, SEO content, video content, trade articles, and press releases. When the timing's right, I also write pieces for a local news outlet.


Writing is similar to music. When content is professionally written, it has cadence. A composition may seem effortless because it flows, but hitting the right tone, selecting the perfect word, and nailing the message are all practiced things. You can't fake it.

When you’re engaged in an interesting conversation, it’s often the things you don’t say that keeps the small talk flowing. It’s the same idea with writing. When a message is concise and honest, it cuts through the clutter, emphasizing what matters. To me, that's writing at its finest.

I love start-ups – primarily because there’s no red tape. In entrepreneurial cultures, things happen quickly, so nothing is standing between a good idea and its execution. Being nimble means staying a few steps ahead of the guy who has to wait for green lights from everyone above him on the org chart. As long as it’s budget-friendly, savvy, and on-brand, the light’s always green. That’s not to say every idea will fly in the marketplace, but at the least, you’re in the arena and trying.

Brand voice development

Creating a foundation for your brand voice is just as important as what you put out into the world. When I'm working with a new client, I often help guide their internal marketing teams in defining their brand voice. Once we complete a discovery process and all the stakeholders weigh in,  I develop a brand voice document that equips content creators with fundamental editorial tools— including a voice attribute model.

Integrating a brand voice document into your internal branding strategy helps to:

  • create on-brand messaging

  • ensure overall consistency

  • provide a framework for creativity

  • reduce revision time

  • standardize quality

Our Collaboration

When I was an editor at an Amazon start-up, I hired dozens of freelance writers. I knew early on when I found someone I wanted to work with again and again. I aspire to be that person for my clients. As for the soft stuff, I respect and care about the people and the companies I partner with. I’m interested in their culture and the success of their business. If I take on a project it’s because I know I can deliver, and then some...

My clients trust me because I do what I say I’m going to do. I know that the demands of your business are relentless. I've been there. It’s why I’m mindful of tight deadlines, metrics, and budgets. I don’t ask unnecessary questions or tip-toe around an issue. At the same time, I’m flexible. I bring an open mind to collaborations. Whether you need copy on the regular or for a one-off project, I aim to add value to every stage of the creative process.