Looks amazing...so great that you’re inside my head. So lucky you’re inside my head!!
— Michele Chagnon-Holbrook, Founder, Casabella Interiors
Monica is an imaginative and articulate writer with fresh and creative ideas aplenty.
We needed to bring in a copywriter who could hit the ground running and deliver delightful long- and short-form content very quickly. Monica did all that and much more.
She was able to take a handful of directions and craft beautiful, well-polished copy. That was invaluable to me as an editor and marketer. From blogs to emails and web content, she played an essential role in enhancing our brand voice across all of our content and channels.
A gifted writer and dream to work with. I would highly recommend Monica to anyone looking for an exceptional writer. She would be an asset to your creative team.
— LaMia Florence - MS International
Monica and I worked together at Quidsi and I was always very impressed with her creativity, collaboration and ability to inject a distinctive narrative voice with personality and style no matter what topic she was working with. Post-Quidsi, I was working for Chantelle Lingerie and hired Monica as a freelance writer to assist us on various brand projects including blog posts, marketing collateral and website animation copy. Throughout all my experiences working with Monica, I have found her to be dependable, professional and easy to work with. Monica quickly grasps the objective of each project and delivers a result that is on message and engaging to the reader with minimal editing required. -
— Suzanne Kühl, Consumer Marketing Director at Chantelle Lingerie
Monica is a creative leader with excellent writing and editing skills. She’s one of the hardest workers I know, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. As Editorial Manager for four websites, she supervised an in-house copy-writing team, as well as freelancers, and managed complex company-wide communication projects. If you’re looking for someone to craft clear, creative messages and produce original marketing assets, Monica’s your person.”

— Traci Mosser, Editorial Manager, Diapers.com, Quidsi Inc.
I’ve worked for Monica as a contractor both in and out of the office. Monica is a pleasure to work with – she’s positive, creative, helpful and encouraging. After I completed the first project she had hired me for, Monica helped me find other writing opportunities within the company. Her comments on my work were always constructive, helping me to improve my own writing and complete each task successfully. Her direction and feedback has certainly had a positive effect on my writing, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Shannon N. Fanning, Contract Copywriter, Quidsi Inc.
I have worked with Monica since 2010 when she hired me as a freelance copywriter for BeautyBar.com. Monica makes my job easy. She is everything you want an editorial manager to be: smart, creative, detail-oriented, organized and hard-working. I can always count on her to give clear, strategic guidance and direction to any writing project at hand. I am inspired by her ability to juggle multiple projects at once with such a positive attitude. She is someone who is passionate about her work, and it shows.
— Yvonne Pasquini, Freelance Copywriter, Self-Employed
I worked closely with Monica at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, where she performed editorial magic on nearly all of the company’s customer-facing publications, online and off. Monica has a rare talent for not only creating persuasive, on-brand copy, but also knowing how to leverage that copy to full advantage with seasoned marketing strategies. Her strong combination of creative and strategic skills was invaluable to the marketing group, helping boost sales within a short window of time. Monica is a team player with an exceptional work ethic; she turns out high-quality products under even the toughest deadlines, never losing her sense of humor along the way (and believe me, there were long days when we needed it!). Monica would add whip-smart marketing and editorial skills to any organization, and would be a pleasure to work with as well.
— Laura Chadbourne, PMP, Continuity Specialist, MediaPower
I designed and created the websites and Monica provided all of the copy. At some points we were averaging a new project website every month. I am very impressed with the amount of work she handled for our entire company, which includes nine affiliate offices in various states. She is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job is completed on time. She works well under pressure and deadlines, always managing her time efficiently.
What really impressed me is Monica’s great creativity and ability. She brought a fresh sound and feel to our land sale promotions and websites. She learned quickly and would pay attention to the use of keywords - which was important to SEO and in helping me in the implementation of our websites and ad words.
Monica is a joy to work with and would be an asset to any employer. I highly recommend her.
— Kimberly Morris, Senior Web Designer/Project Manager, Inland Management
Monica is extremely creative and talented in her writing and in thought. I found Monica to be very easy to work with and her energy was very addictive.
— Kim Arre-Gerber, Graphic Artist, Country Curtains