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Content that supports and promotes your brand image and messaging on social media is an essential part of the marketing mix. Building your online community takes time, but often the best strategy is to focus on a couple of social networks, at first. Your audience's social preferences will dictate the best platforms for your brand. If your customers are visual, it makes sense to focus exclusively on Instagram and Pinterest. Whatever your social channel, repurposing content is king.

On that note, editorial calendars are an invaluable tool in organizing your social messaging and helping stakeholders maximize opportunities by planning. I've created many of them to help clients wrangle together all the moving parts of their online and offsite messaging. It helps unify brand messages across all platforms by mapping out content in a weekly and monthly format. For the day to day, it puts your marketing strategies front and center (think: product launches, partnerships, holidays, sales events, etc.); and for the long-term, it'll help your team optimize business objectives, leverage SEO, reinforce your brand voice, and track engagement to inform future communications.

Whether you're navigating the digital space or sending out a catalog, it's critical that your brand voice is consistent across channels. Context, along with voice document tools, help create cohesion. 

Social media is often compared to a giant cocktail party. You mingle, ask questions, share stories…It’s a dialogue. You don’t want to be that guy on top of a table broadcasting his rock-bottom prices.