Does your personal brand reflect what you value most in design: beauty, uniqueness, symmetry, quality, and function?

One thing is for sure: perception runs your business

Last year I helped my interior design client Michele revamp her website. We scoured the internet, extensively researching how designers showcase their work and introduce themselves to the world. Between us, we reviewed nearly 300 websites. The rift between the beautiful designs they produce for their clients and how their brands appear online is shocking.

Here's a partial list of what we discovered:

  • Outdated websites that are difficult to navigate
  • Unflattering, low-resolution project images
  • Weak SEO keywords
  • Jumbled content that doesn’t reflect the designer’s talent or speak to what they value
  • Rare examples of the 'tell' around what separates them from the pack
  • Lackluster Houzz profiles without bios and reviews
  • MIA social media links
  • Generic content
Your clients are buying into you and your brand as much as they are your services and products.

They hire you to create beautiful spaces. It’s important that you masterfully demonstrate what you can achieve together. Your ability to communicate these things— online and off—is critically important. You may be successful with a less than stellar online image, but with more and more designers reinventing their brand like Casabella Interiors did, you can’t afford to ignore branding forever.


In a sea of sameness, what makes you stand apart?

Your clients choose to work with you because they like you. They will hire you again and again when you deliver what you promise and you make an emotional connection. Make people feel something and they will invest in you and your vision. Does your online and offline presence encourage that type of investment?

I developed a brand-building roadmap specifically for interior designers. Its main objective? To help your firm look as polished as the rooms you design.




The Sum of their Experiences

Your brand is built through the total experience it offers to your clients and prospects. They have an intangible impression of your business born out of each touch point with you - from your website navigation and logo to your messaging and product offering. If growing your design business is important to you, ask yourself on the regular how you might better serve your target demographic.

Your interior design business will be more successful when it resonates with your target audience. But if you're not authentically and effectively communicating who you are and what matters to you, you're likely losing opportunities regularly.  Invest in some branding, speak your truth and spell out why you do what you do.


What do you want to be known for?

Your answer(s) will inform much of our work together. Your free 1-hour consultation includes an exercise that demystifies branding and provides clarity around your most important goals. Let's get started.