Kim Gerber and Monica Bossinger met while working at a home furnishings company in the Berkshires. Before Adeline & Emma came to be, it was simply a concept between friends who wanted to fuse their love of original art with all things home. Kim—founder of Animal Laughter Studio—is the artist behind many of the happy-go-lucky prints you see in our collections. And Monica uses her writing flair to give our one-of-a-kind designs —which you won't find anywhere else— a storied life. French illustrator Isabelle Fregevu-Claracq is the delightfully imaginative talent behind our Addie Teen line.

Our products are manufactured responsibly using the softest —and highest quality—fabrics we could find. When possible, we make them locally; so look for our Made in the Berkshires label.

Everything we offer is designed with quality in mind to give you, your kids, and your four-legged loves the well-cared for feeling of home.

Happy hunting…