Indwe Learning Centers

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Every once in a while, something unexpected comes your way that puts the world in proper focus. Recently, it was a request from a friend who needed help writing copy for a pilot school she's building in South Africa. The days I write for Indwe Learning Centers are like no other. The perspective shift upends my silly first-world problems, directing my thoughts to a clear and purposeful place.

Here's an excerpt from today's work - which centers around the school's concept of empowerment: 

What if every child knew that the world became a better place the moment they were born?

Children with a strong sense of personal power are told in a thousand ways that their lives have value. At home, in school, and in social settings, a village shows them —again and again—that their thoughts, views, aspirations, and feelings matter. Armed with tools of self-reliance, they discover newfound strength, the beginning of lifelong confidence. With each new adventure and life lesson, they grow a little. Over time, their sense of place in the world takes root. No one puts a limit on their potential, so they become young visionaries, following their dreams. Obstacles serve as teachable moments – ones about determination, creativity, resources, and what it means to be part of a deeply supportive community. To us, and all stewards of the Indwe Learning Center, this is what empowerment looks like. The ultimate goal of our work? To instill in each child the belief that they’re a force of nature – equipped with an inner compass that calls them to a future of their own making. Central to our activism and community dialogue is the conviction that “All things are possible.” It’s our collective dream that each child masters—and lives boldly by—this Indwe mindset.